Ostravainfo!!! Oficiální průvodce ostravou

Points of interest

The Best Town Hall

New Town Hall is the best for at least two reasons. The building from the end of the twenties of the 20th century is not only the largest city hall building in the whole country, but it also has the tallest tower. From a viewing platform at a height of 73 metres, you can overlook the whole Ostrava city, The Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, near borders of Poland and at a really good visibility even The Jeseníky mountains. And thanks to the personnel of the branch office of Ostrava city information centre, which is located directly below the tower, you will not miss anything in Ostrava.

The Best Newsstand

From a small construction may one day be a great monument. A wooden newsstand in Ostrava Kunčičky is its proof – it witnessed all of the important events of 20th century, several generations of miners from The Alexander’s Mine used to come to buy newspaper or tobacco to this stand which came on the big screen and TV screen due to its scenery and mystery.

The Best Rock

It came to us from Scandinavia much, much earlier than Abba, Pippi Longstocking or well-known network of stores with furniture. Erratic Boulder, which you can see on the pedestal in the heart of Ostrava's New Smelter is the largest in the country and it came to us with the glacier during The Quaternary period.

The Best Waterpark

On hot summer days even more than 20 000 people are looking for refreshment at Poruba waterpark. Thanks to the area of swimming pools, which is over 40 000 m2 and 70 m2 of green areas, there is enough space for everyone. Adding many different attractions, it is clear that you can spend a very pleasant holidays at the popular Vřesina.

The Best Computer

Salomon Rothschild was a man who started the industrial revolution in Ostrava to the fullest. The second Salomon is now at the start of the informatics revolution. It is a name of the most powerful computer in the Czech Republic. Scientists and experts in The National Supercomputer Centre at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava has available capacity up to 74 000 common laptops thanks to Salomon.

The Best Mine

Despite the fact, that there is no coal mining in Ostrava since 1994, there is one thing connected with its extraction, which is worth remembering even now. The Petr Bezruč Mine, whose historic mining tower rises above the Silesian Ostrava today, was the deepest mine in the whole of the Ostrava-Karviná district. Coal was mined here in over 1 000 m deep!

The Best Castle

Although The Silesian Ostrava Castle cannot compare to Castles Karlštejn, Křivoklát or Helfštýn by its dimensions or historical role, there is still one great thing about it. Because of the influence of mining activities, which was in the area of Silesian Ostrava very intense, there was a decrease of 16 meters! The Castle buildings are of course strongly influenced by that, but fortunately it was reconstructed and the Silesian Ostrava castle is a very popular destination nowadays and it is a venue for many cultural events.

The Best Mirror

A glazed frontage of The Great World of Art in Lower Vítkovice area consists of 125 m long and 12.5 m high giant mirror, which, according to the angle of view, reflects the monumental area of blast furnaces or one of the largest rooftop gardens in the Czech Republic, located above the entrance to the building.

The Best Heap

Ema heap belongs to Ostrava as well as Mount Vesuvius belongs to Naples. After all, it has even more in common with this famous volcano. Inside the heap, which has been smouldering for several decades, the temperature rises up to 1 500 °C according to the surveys and there are also some unforgettable views at the top of the heap, but instead of The Mediterranean Sea you can see a sea of green in Ostrava.

The Best University

VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava was for the second time in a row ranked in the International Comparison of European Universities in the first two hundreds and became the best University of the Czech Republic. It is not surprising, considering the modern equipment, promising courses and the increasing number of people interested in studying there even from abroad.

The Best Street

The fame of Stodolní Street has not only crossed the boundaries of Ostrava long ago, but also of the Czech Republic. Dozens of bars, clubs, cafes and other businesses are getting crowded by locals and non-residents, especially on Friday and Saturday. However, Ostrava is not only Stodolní Street, you can find some music clubs with attractive program even in so-called “Little Copenhagen“ around The Church of Saint Wenceslas.

Top Festival

Every year in July, the largest and most colourful music festival in the country sets The Lower Vítkovice area and in fact the whole of Ostrava in motion. Colours of Ostrava developed from a small local event into a respected and award-winning festival, which attracts tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors and hundreds of artists from around the world.

Top Site

In the twenties of the last century, remains of a prehistoric settlement of the mammoth hunters were discovered during the construction of the tennis courts at the top of Landek, but only during an archaeological survey was a statue of the so-called “Venus of Petřkovice“ which is different from the other artifacts for its slender lines. Our prehistoric ancestors from Landek also thought about some more practical sides of life – As the first ones, they started using the local coal to produce and maintain the fire!

Top Arc

Not only of Paris or Rome have their arc. The one from Ostrava consists of a monumental entry to the District of Poruba and was inspired by The Petersburg’s Palace Square. This is a great example of the socialist realism in early 1950s and it is largest building of the whole of District of Poruba.

Pobočka Elektra

Branch office Elektra

Jurečkova 1935/12

702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

Pobočka Věž

Infocentrum Věž

Prokešovo náměstí 1803/8

Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

Pobočka Přívoz

Infocentrum Přívoz

Nádražní 164/215

702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

Pobočka Svinov

Infocentrum Svinov

Peterkova 1152/14

721 00 Ostrava Svinov

Pobočka letiště

Infocentrum Letiště

Příletová hala Letiště Leoše Janáčka

Mošnov 401, Mošnov, 742 51

Pobočka Karolina

Infocentrum Karolina

Jantarová 3344/4

702 00 Moravská Ostrava