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The House of Art

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The building of the House of Art of Ostrava from 1926 is among the jewels of Ostrava’s modern architecture. A gallery has been located in the House of Art since its beginning and since the beginning of the 60’s of the 20th century it has focused on acquisition activity and it has gradually been enlarging its fine arts collections which today contain more than 20 thousand works of art. The quality of the collections places the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava among the top 5 most significant collection-making institutions in the Czech Republic and therefore the gallery gains transregional importance. Visitors can see the permanent exhibition as well as temporary exhibitions of various authors.


autor: Katarína JamriškováThe House of Artautor: Roman Polášekautor: Roman Polášekautor: Roman Polášek


The House of Art

Jurečkova 1750/9
Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

Phone: +420 596 115 425

Cellphone: +420 734 437 178




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