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Mining museum Důl Michal

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Atmosphere. That is the right word which describes the spaces of the former Michal Mine in Michálkovice. It does not offer the popular activity of going down the mine, which in this case is not a downside. Visitors with a guide can follow the track the miners had to go every day before the actual work underground. The tour contains the cloakrooms, showers, the geologist’s office, the emergency room and other mine facilities. The exhibition is preserved in a state that feels as if the miners have left it only recently. The pride of the museum is a still functional steam engine from 1903.


Mining museum Důl MichalMining museum Důl MichalMining museum Důl MichalAutor: Adam ŠodekMining museum Důl MichalMining museum Důl MichalMining museum Důl Michal


Mining museum Důl Michal

Československé armády 413/95
Ostrava - Michálkovice

Phone: +420 596 240 621

Cellphone: +420 725 391 108



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