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Dolní oblast Vítkovice (DOV)

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A unique area where between 1828 and 1998 coal was mined and raw iron was produced. Now the industrial area has changed into a unique educational, social and cultural centre of great importance. Every day it serves the local residents, young and old, as well as tourist from all around the world. There is a skip hoist to the top of blast furnace no.1 and there are concerts, professional conferences and international congresses being held in the former gasometer – the Gong Hall. Children and their parents can play in the Small Centre of Science and Technology U6. The Big Centre of Science and Technology, which is also located in the area, presents science and technology in the form of an entertaining game. Cultural quarter Hlubina attracts not only musicians and bands but also sculptors, graphic designers, visual artists and lovers of concerts and other cultural events


Autor: Adam ŠodekDolní oblast Vítkovice (DOV)Dolní oblast Vítkovice (DOV)Autor: Adam ŠodekAutor: Adam Šodek


Dolní oblast Vítkovice (DOV)

Ruská 2993

Phone: +420 724 955 121



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