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Mining Museum Landek Park

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The biggest mining museum in the Czech Republic is located in the foothills of Landek Hill, near the confluence of the Ostravice and Odra Rivers. It is the only place in Ostrava where visitors can go down the mining pit in a hoist cage to the former Anselm Mine, which was the oldest mine in the city. Apart from the mine, Landek Park also offers an exhibition of mine rescue, tunnel and mining technology exhibition and exhibitions on the history of mining transport and the history of the settlement in the region. The area includes a campground, indoor and outdoor sport grounds, and the stylish restaurant Harenda u Barborky.


Mining Museum Landek ParkMining Museum Landek ParkMining Museum Landek Park


Mining Museum Landek Park

Pod Landekem 64
Ostrava - Petřkovice

Phone: +420 596 131 804

Cellphone: +420 602 532 414



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