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New Town Hall Lookout Tower

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The New Town hall of Ostrava was built between 1925 – 1930 and it is the largest complex of town hall premises in the Czech Republic. Its lookout tower is the highest town hall tower in the Czech Republic. The lookout terrace is located at a height of 73 metres and the total height of the tower is 85.6 metres.

There is a beautiful view from the terrace. It is possible to see the Moravian-Silesian skyline as well as the Těšínské Beskydy Mountains, Moravská brána, Oderské Vrchy and even Poland. On clear days you can see the ridge of the Hrubý Jeseník range with the highest peak of Moravia – Praděd and also the peaks of Malá Fatra.

The admission includes a guide who provides an outline on the history as well as the present of the city and recommends interesting places of the City of Ostrava city and the whole region which are, and even those which are not, seen from the lookout terrace.

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New Town Hall Lookout TowerNew Town Hall Lookout Tower


New Town Hall Lookout Tower

Prokešovo náměstí 8/1803

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