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Sounds of Diversity

Three concerts in three countries

  • 18. march 2024
  • 18:30
  • City Campus – Koncertní sál
  • For sale


Three concerts in three countries

The Sounds of Diversity concert project arose from the need to establish creative contact between the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The desire for a connection and renewed artistic discussion between countries whose cultures were closely linked in the past was behind the idea of updating these relations in the form of an artistic project based on diversity. The result is the creation of a new ensemble, consisting of a total of fourteen players representing all three countries, and a programme of new compositions that will be performed successively in Ostrava, Katowice and Žilina.

The project is based on the collaboration of artists from three countries and aims to bridge borders - both geographical and cultural. Four composers from three countries will present their new compositions, created especially for this project. These compositions will be interconnected by a performative composition with elements of improvisation, interwoven throughout the evening, which also foresees the active participation of the audience. An equally important component of the project will be the staging, built to suit the venues where the concerts will take place.

The concert mini-tour is our challenge to cross borders, a call for collaboration and an offer of a shared experience filled with art, respect and diversity.



World premieres ⋰

Markéta Dvořáková (CZ) – For 14 

Przemysław Scheller (PL) – Layers of Delusion 

Matej Sloboda (SK) – Object:90

Petra Šuško (CZ) – Ex-press-sure?

Daniel Skála (CZ) – Conjunctions of Intangibleness


Performers ⋰ Sounds of Diversity Ensemble (CZ / SK / PL)

Conductors ⋰ Matej Sloboda, Daniel Skála

Stage collaboration ⋰ Tomáš Volkmer


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For sale

200,- adults

100,- children, students, seniors, ZTP, ZTP/P


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Sounds of Diversity -  Zvuky rozmanitostiSounds of Diversity -  Zvuky rozmanitostiSounds of Diversity -  Zvuky rozmanitostiSounds of Diversity -  Zvuky rozmanitostiSounds of Diversity -  Zvuky rozmanitostiSounds of Diversity -  Zvuky rozmanitosti

City Campus – Koncertní sál

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