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Small World of Technology U6 Reopens

Publikováno: 27.6.2023

Small World of Technology U6 in Dolní Vítkovice has been reopened. Reconstruction work was taking place since last October and now it is finally time to let the world see the new interactive exhibits and renovated expositions. "The two giant gas piston blowers from 1938 and 1948, which weigh over 1,800 tons, are still the core of U6 of course, but now they are surrounded by new or significantly renovated exhibits," says Tomáš Šiřina, director of Dolní Vítkovice.

The renewed exhibition of the Small World of Technology U6 brings new experiences, interactivity, and a cross-section of the history of technical inventions and progress. The unifying element is the works and vision of Jules Verne. Visitors can also look forward to a new part of the exhibition focusing on shipping. You can experience water pedal races or become a captain of a ship.

People can now climb the footbridge to the platform above the blowers, see them in their full beauty and size, and look inside from a unique perspective. "Visitors can also test the pipe mail and learn the principle of transporting material through pipe tubes," says the director of World of Technology, Kateřina Bonito. Another new element in U6 is a metal workshop. Visitors can try cutting, bending, or stamping sheet metal and can even make their own badge.

The renovation of the Little World of Technology U6 took place thanks to the Post-Industrial Heritage of the Borderlands project, which is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Interreg V-A Czech Republic – Poland program. As part of this Czech-Polish project, a joint tourist route called the Coal and Steel Trail was previously created, which goes through destinations associated with industrial history and mining.


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