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Trams are returning to the modernized track in the center of Ostrava

Publikováno: 21.8.2023

Saturday, August 19 marks the re-opening of a tram rail in the direction of the Main Train Station in Ostrava. The rail was closed for renovation since the beginning of holidays but will be reopened on the 19th. The section of the rail between the streets 30.Dubna and Valchařská was updated and modernized. The track was fixed, ensuring a reduction of noise and vibration from passing trams, new catenary lines, and warning lights on the platform of the Důl Jindřich tram stop that warns of an approaching tram.

Tram service in the area was interrupted during the construction works in July and August and a substitute bus transport was used instead. One of Ostrava’s tram depots – the Moravian Ostrava depot – was also inaccessible in that time.

The new line will offer a quieter tram ride and increased safety at the Důl Jindřich stop in the long term. A unique tram switch was also replaced during the reconstruction. It will ensure smoother rides and a reduction of vibrations around the intersection’ said Daniel Morys, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of DPO (Ostrava transport company).

We also emphasized increasing safety as a part of the planned modernization’ stated Jan Dohnal, the mayor of Ostrava. ‘The boarding edge was renewed at the Důl Jindřich stop, and warning lights were added to warn passengers and pedestrians of the approaching tram. We are pleased that the modernization happened without any issues and was finished even before the schedule so the road traffic can be restored together with the opening of the rail.’

Břetislav Riger, deputy mayor for transportation, added: ‘As announced, the street lighting was also replaced during the modernization. Everything was successfully coordinated and carried out. Changing the rail surface for a more modern double track fixed rail, replacing the rail switch, improving boarding edges on the Důl Jindřich stop and adding new trolley lines on new masts came to almost 69 million crowns without VAT.’

It is yet another of DPO’s investment into modern infrastructure. Some of it will probably be subsidized thanks to the Transport Operational Program 2021-2027.

Source: DPO

More info: www.dpo.cz


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