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Papilonia opens in the centre of Ostrava

Publikováno: 5.3.2024

Papilonia was opened in the centre of Ostrava on 3 February 2024. The new butterfly house offers visitors a meeting with the most beautiful butterflies from the entire world.

An isolated island somewhere in the Pacific

Papilonia Ostrava is a unique place where perhaps everyone would like to be shipwrecked for at least a little while. Located in the very centre of city on a surface area of 200 m2, you will discover what it would be like to end up on a deserted island full of the most beautiful butterflies on the planet. Imagine that you find yourself in the middle of the Pacific, enjoy the tropical climate, and be engulfed by the magical flight of exotic butterflies. And with a bit of luck, you will witness the miracle of a butterfly’s birth with your own eyes.

How to get there

Papilonia is located near the Masaryk square, on the Dlouhá street. The easiest was to reach the square is either by tram (stop Elektra) or by a trolleybus (stop Most Miloše Sýkory). It is open every day of the week, from 9:30 to 19:00. Recommended duration of visit is 30-60 minutes.

The tickets are 180kč for adults, 120kč for children 3-15, 140kč for students, seniors, disability identity cards, 450kč family ticket. You can purchase a ticket online, however, due to increased number of visitors on the website, Papilonia Ostrava had to disable the option to purchase a pre-paid ticket in advance. More info here.


You can find more information on the Papilonia website.




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Papilonia opens in the centre of OstravaPapilonia opens in the centre of OstravaPapilonia opens in the centre of Ostrava


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