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PLATO gallery extends exhibition

Publikováno: 7.3.2024

The Ostrava PLATO gallery is extending the exhibition Uprchlá, našel skrýš, stále uniká (loosely translated as Fugitive, found a hiding place, still escaping) in the historical slaughterhouse by one week, until March 17. This way it meets the great interest of visitors and also the committee of the European architectural award Mies van der Rohe 2024, which wants to see the gallery's headquarters one more time.

However, PLATO will symbolically say goodbye to the exhibition on Friday, March 1 with a concert of the Střešovická kramle and I love 69 Popgejů bands. On the same day, it will also launch a new issue of the Krunýř magazine for children. Both events are part of the last editorial meeting for schools and the public.


Perceiving the world through the lens of an animal

The main exhibition Uprchlá, našel skrýš, stále uniká, subtitled Animal News, occupies the largest exhibition hall of the gallery, the space of a former pig slaughterhouse. The exhibition, which can also be visited by dogs or cats on a leash, motivates visitors in various ways to leave the human lens and perceive the world from an animal's perspective.

Right in the editorial room, everyone can try their own activity, for example in the form of a report, which they then leave on a giant bulletin board. Or you can borrow one of the author's animal costumes in various sizes, from 2 years to adult, and walk through the exhibition in it. The exhibition is extended until March 17, after which the PLATO gallery will be closed due to the preparation of two new exhibitions, the first of which will open on April 24, 2024.


Visit of the international commission

The reason for the extension is not only the public interest but also the visit of the international committee of the European Mies van der Rohe Award for Architecture 2024, which nominated the building as one of the five finalists for this prestigious award for architecture. The commission is interested in seeing the building in normal operation. “Architectural quality alone means little if it is not an active partner of function. The current exhibition was a stress test for PLATO and the building, as two perspectives meet here - the architect's view and the principles of contemporary art, which count on contact, an informal atmosphere and unbothered activity of visitors. For the commission, the ability of the architectural concept to meet the very specific needs of the gallery played a significant role," commented Marek Pokorný, director of the PLATO gallery, on this extraordinary success.


Over six thousand visitors

On the day of the editorial meeting on Friday, March 1, groups from kindergarten and elementary school will alternate in PLATO during the morning. Afterwards the gallery will offer program for the public. From 5 p.m., the gallery will offer for the third and final meeting - a discussion with the authors of the exhibition called Revolution, loosely following on from the previous debate called Evolution. Two bands, mostly composed of visual artists, will take care of the loud conclusion of the editorial meeting from 8 p.m. in PLATO Bauhaus: the Prague band Střešovická kramle and the Ostrava band I love 69 Popgejů.

By January 31, 2024, i.e. in almost four months, over six thousand visitors had visited the exhibition. "We are especially pleased with the interest of families with children in the exhibition. It is also important for us that they spend an increased amount of time here, thanks to their own involvement with the exhibition. It's one of the goals we've been striving for," says PLATO gallery director Marek Pokorný.

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PLATO gallery extends exhibitionPLATO gallery extends exhibitionPLATO gallery extends exhibitionPLATO gallery extends exhibitionPLATO gallery extends exhibitionPLATO gallery extends exhibitionPLATO gallery extends exhibitionPLATO gallery extends exhibition


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