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Ostrava Planetarium

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There is a popular green area between Poruba and Krásné Pole which is a home of the Ostrava Planetarium. The planetarium offers a regular program for visitors of all ages. The programs and activities are primarily focused on astronomy and other natural and technical sciences. Little curious adventurers as well as thoughtful adults will find a lot to enjoy here.

Before heading there, take a look at the programs and choose the show which looks the most interesting to you. The complex has undergone a major renovation which is reflected in the exceptional quality of your experience.

Amazing activities

The hybrid planetarium, where advanced projection technology will project the entire night sky into the dome above your heads, is an unforgettable experience. The unique feeling that you are under a real starry sky is even amplified by the fact, that it is much brighter than the usual night sky that we are used to from our mostly city life. The light pollution greatly affects the city skies but the projection will show you the nature night sky, far away from any light sources.

Prolong your trip

The planetarium is surrounded by a pleasant green area, ideal for walks. In addition, the planetarium is located in a near proximity of the Poruba district, whose historic centre has been declared a monument area and is definitely worth a visit.

Who to visit with?

There are age recommendations for each individual programs at the planetarium so it is easy to choose a program that suits your family the best.

Concluding curiosities

  • The Ostrava Planetarium belongs to VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava.
  • The planetarium first opened in October 1980 and was reopened to the public in December 2014 after a two-year renovation.

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Planetárium OstravaPlanetárium OstravaPlanetárium OstravaPlanetárium OstravaPlanetárium Ostrava

Planetárium Ostrava

K Planetáriu 577/502
Ostrava-Krásné Pole

Phone: +420 596 994 950

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