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Karolina Triple Halls (Trojhalí Karolina)

Industrial heritage, Culture

A new modern city centre on the site where in the past coke and crude iron was made. The area called Nová Karolina consists of a shopping centre, office premises, residential area or a pedestrian zone. Among these modern buildings, an industrial building of “Trojhalí” catches the eye. In the past it was used for industrial purposes for the Žofínská smelting works and Karolina coke plant. Nowadays, visitors can do sports there, go to concerts or admire exhibitions of works of art.


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Trojhalí KarolinaTrojhalí KarolinaTrojhalí KarolinaTrojhalí KarolinaTrojhalí Karolina

Trojhalí Karolina

K Trojhalí 3361/5
Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

Phone: +420 725 360 218

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