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Jiří Myron Theatre


In the last decade of the 19th century, a Cooperative for the Construction of the National House was established in Ostrava on the initiative of the Czech association Čtenářská beseda (Reading Club). Its goal was to build a dignified space for Czech theatre performances in the city centre.

The ceremonial opening of the National House (designed by the architect Josef Srb in the Neo-Renaissance style) took place on 16 and 17 June 1894. The National House regularly hosted various theatre companies and in 1906 the building was taken over by the National House Association, which founded the first permanent Czech scene in Ostrava. In the following years, several theatre companies operated in the National House. In 1919 it became the second stage of the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre, but since 1920 Czech theatre has been performed only in the Municipal Theatre - today the Antonín Dvořák Theatre - and the National House was used for social purposes; since 1925, among other things, the Kosmos cinema has been operating here. During the German occupation, the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre was forced to leave the Municipal Theatre and take refuge again in the National House, which was significantly rebuilt. In 1954, this building was renamed to the Jiří Myron Theatre, and in the second half of the 1960s it underwent further building modifications. However, on the night of 6-7 December 1976, a large-scale fire broke out, destroying the building so much that its operation had to be interrupted for several years. In August 1980, an extensive reconstruction started according to the design by Ostrava architects Ivo Klimeš and Radim Ulmann.

Since the ceremonial reopening on 28 April 1986, the Jiří Myron Theatre has been one of the largest theatre stages in the country. The Jiří Myron Theatre is the home stage of an operetta / musical ensemble, and a drama and a ballet ensemble also perform here. The auditorium has a capacity of 623 spectators.


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Divadlo Jiřího MyronaSlavnostní sál Edmunda PalkovskéhoDivadlo Jiřího Myrona

Divadlo Jiřího Myrona

Čs. legií 148/14

Phone: +420 596 276 242

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